Remember the Poor

The Rhema Global Ministries is very clear about its role to be a blessing to the community just as Jesus, His disciples and the early Church was. Hence, at every possible opportunity, we raise up to the call of remembering the poor.


  • Children’s Feeding Program
  • Clothes Distribution Program
  • Orphan Help
  • Medical Help

Children’s Feeding Program (Feed the Hungry)

At present we have more than 50 children to whom we are committed to give one meal per day along with a free tuition in the evenings.

Who are these Children?
The children come from the families who are under privileged and below the poverty line. The parents are either beggars or laborers who only live with daily wages they earn. If there is no work for that particular day, they don’t have food.

How many of them?
At present we are doing this program for around 60 (sixty) children and there are many more children who are just able to wish they could have this privilege but cannot because, the church is limited by its resources but on providence of support, many more such children could be fed with.

Clothes Distribution Program (Cloth the Clothless)

Regularly, the church has made it a habit, a part of our life to distribute clothes to the poor and cloth less. Sometimes, in this part of the world, the under privileged just stay even without proper clothing sometimes even forced to stay bare in cold winters. We share our clothes with them from time to time and see that their need is met in that area of need.

Orphan Help

The Rhema church has always been instrumental releasing help to the needy orphans and semi orphans. Even though we have not yet set up a full fledged orphan home for the lack of finances and other resources like a building, we have made up a commitment in our value system that help to the orphans will be our priority and we will do it in the best way possible at any given point of time.

Medical Help

Both Blessy and Joshua Burns, being Medical Doctors by profession, they have been key in giving medical help to the needy wherever needed at free of charge for the cause of the kingdom. Just as the saying “The birds of same feather flock together”, in the church there are many a medical personnel in various capacities like the nurses, medical students, doctors and specialized doctors as well.

Needs of Medical Ministry
A four wheeler vehicle for us to go to the near by villages to treat the sick and needy who even cant afford to come to towns for better medical facilities.

An ambulance with a fitted emergency equipment to be of help to the people around and also for us to go to and to bring the patients who need more care and attention and also to conduct medical camps in the surrounding villages.

A mini Hospital / clinic set up with at least a inpatient capacity of 10 members.

Free medicines and other medical equipment.