On the Road of Dreams

    • Children’s Rehabilitation Center
    • Home for the Dying, Desolate and the Destitutes
    • Home for the Aged and the Un-Cared
    • Vocational Training Center
    • Orphan’s Home
    • Rhema Bible College

Children’s Rehabilitation Center

This is an on going project which needs a lot of support. Waiting are hundreds of under privileged children who come from various backgrounds like the beggars, foot path dwellers, rag pickers, prostitutes, drunkards and so on and so forth.

We would like to set up a children’s rehabilitation center where in the children from various walks of life and from diversities of families irrespective of religion, caste, creed or sex and give them privileges which they miss out for life lest anyone intervenes.

Home for the Dying, Desolate and the Destitutes

As you walk over the streets of the city of Kurnool the villages around, you will not be surprised to come across countless of the dying, desolate and the destitute people just with in a geographical area of few kilometers of radius. They need help and there is none who can hear their un-uttered pain, tearless cries, stories that are beyond words. We at the Rhema Church want to set up a Home for the Dying, Desolate, and Destitute and give them a future which they dare can’t dream about.

Home for the Aged and the Un-Cared

This is a project to set up a home for the aged people whom in India we call as Senior Citizens, some of whom are not cared for in the families by their own children and relatives. They have no where to go from their own and so many around us talk to us saying they need help. We want to adopt them for the rest of their life, feed them not just with food but with the tender love, care and affection and give them a peaceful remaining length of life as long as they live.

Vocational Training Center

This is a project focusing up on the youth of the society especially those who are un-employed – either because of lack of employment even though they are qualified, or because they were not able to afford for a good education resulting in un-employment. In this, we desire to set up opportunities for the people to learn self-help activities like sewing, making of baskets, learning type writing, learning computer courses for women and other activities like trainings to become electricians, plumbers, computer operators, and so on for the men, which subsequently make them self supportive. After the trainings they would be released to live on their own and if they want to stick with us, it would be their choice and we would welcome it.

Orphan’s Home

This is a project which likes to home the orphans and the semi orphans who are in utter poverty (aged under 15years). We would like to adopt as many as we can depending on the resources available to us. Our main aim would be to show them the pure love of Jesus and to let them know they are cared for. We want to give them a basic primary education and see that they know the love of Jesus and understand the eternal plan of salvation for them and to help them settle in life in the best possible way.

Rhema Bible College

We want to set up a bible Training Centre for those who are desirous for serving the Lord. We want to select the genuine group and give them the best possible training and then releasing them for ministry in the places of need. We would also love to support them financially in the way we can to see that the work of the Lord would not stop because of this reason.

This is a dream in my heart to rise up people who will be zealous for the Lord, pure and Holy yet meeting the standards of the modern man, strong in word and deed, moving in the power of the Holy Spirit and the days of Acts to repeat again.