Governing Values

We value in anointed teaching and preaching
because we believe that it is this kind that prepares the individual and the church for the transformation. Also that personal transformation always precedes community transformation.

We value in fervent and strategic prayer
We believe God answers prayer and prayer changes things. And we are reminded that there has never been a revival without prayer and to us praying fervently for the revival is the beginning of revival.

We value in spirit filled vibrant praise and worship
and believe that the work of the Holy Spirit is perfected in an atmosphere where there is freedom for Him to move. We also believe that worship is very important both at personal level and at the corporate level.

We value in living out a life, individually and as a church, with a passion for God and a passion for the lost
b’cos we believe people matter to God and therefore people matter to us.

We value in discipleship through small groups
We believe relationships are best possible and can be effectively built in a small group setting and E N D (evangelism, nurture and discipleship) is at peak through relationships in small groups.

We value in creativity and innovation
We are determined to extend to the unchurched and the non Christians a climate that is culturally relevant yet biblically faithful and true .so that they can feel identified but at the same time notice the difference in us.

We value in living out the true C’s of Christian faith:
(I) Character, (I) Compassion, (II) Courage and (III)Commitment

We believe in strong and committed servant leadership
We believe Christ is the head of the church and has delegated the authority to those whom He appointed as leaders. We believe that the church of God be led by both the men and women, alike, with the leadership potential.

We value in excellence
and believe that God deserves the very best in us and of us. So we are committed to give and do our best to glorify God in every area of spiritual life both in and outside the church.

We value in Teamwork – shared leadership
We believe that it is by no accident that God has brought us together by God and called us to be co- workers in His vineyard.

We value in being growth responsive
We take to heart that every single soul counts. So we are determined to work towards our mission of Plundering Hell and Populating Heaven.

We value in being accountable to one another
It is true that we are ultimately accountable to God and we need to be accountable to also those whom God has appointed over us.